We design and implement next-generation enterprise-ready solutions. We help companies transition from traditional models to data driven ones based on AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in strategic areas such as customer management, transactions processing, IT security and optimization.


Deep diving into large amount of Data you provide to acquire Knowledge you are not aware of.


Engineering Machine Learning (ML) systems leveraging latest theory and practice to take full advantage of learned Knowledge.


Building reliable and complex infrastructures that meet your needs and with performance in mind.

Use case

Virtual Assistant for Customer Care

Today Virtual Assistants are widely used to keep up with user requests. Building Conversational AI capable of understanding and replying back to an ongoing conversation while letting the user express herself as if she is talking with a human Customer Service agent, and at the same time scale to millions of users, is a challenging task. But we have succeeded.


In AI Technologies we built a scalable and context-sensitive Virtual Assistant to help the Customer Service reduce the workload and increase the user experience.


The solution we provide is currently serving millions of users with an 90% reduce of Customer Service load. Deep integration with our customer data, lets us to manage every detail users request by simply asking questions.


The remaining 10% off-script conversations aren't wasted. We pack that conversations together with all the informations we are sure of and that we gathered asking directly the users, then are scaled to the right Department. In this way, the Customer Service agents have all they need to be fast enough in order to solve the user problem.